HAIKU 2011 [En français]            III In English here III

Le haiku est un genre littéraire japonais, un court poème de 3 lignes et 17 onji, les signes graphiques de l’alphabet japonais.

Le haiku est un poème simple et pourtant signifiant, qui ni affirme ni contemple. C’est cette simplicité qui a toujours été à la base de ce qu’on veut créer. Pas seulement dans l’art.

HAIKU est aussi le nom que nous avons donné à ce projet de par les similitudes entre “l’esprit haiku” et notre démarche.

HAIKU 2011 [In english]            III En français ici III

The haiku is a Japanese literary genre, a short poem of 3 lines and 17 onji, the graphic symbols of the Japanese alphabet.
And HAIKU is also the name we gave to this project because of the similarities between the “haiku spirit” and our own approach.
The Haiku is actually a simple yet meaningful poetry, that doesn’t claim or contemplate. And this simplicity has always been at the base of what we look for. Not only in art.

“All little things are beautiful” wrote Sei Shōnagon in The Pillow Book (Makura no sōshi).
This also highlights an aspect of Japanese culture which forms the base of the haiku mood.
“All simple things are beautiful” I immediately thought reading that. Because everywhere the meaning isn’t lost, but is here and now, there you can find beauty.

The works by Danilo bring together simplicity, classic subjects and technical innovation. 5-7-5 is not only the pattern of traditonal haiku but also a possible parameter of the CNC Danilo modified to make his computer projected works.

As for me, I followed Kerouac’s approach for western haiku: simple 3-line poems.
Because a good today haiku could also be appreciated by yesterday poets